In-Mould Labeling Injection Machine- Adding Color to the World of Plastics

The IML technology allows and enables pre-decoration of a product with a plastic label as its integral part. IML Injection technology was later introduced to the In-Mold labeling machine with advanced technology after taking into consideration its various advantages.


Firstly, with the introduction of IML Injection machine, an additional step of labeling was completely deleted from the manufacturing process which led to huge cost cutting as it involves combining the decoration process with the molding process under one step alone.

Secondly, notebook computer and cell phone manufacturers are switching to IML technology as it provides better resistance form wear and tear as compared to pad printing or spray painting.


Thirdly, this process allows for advanced beautification and decoration of the end product which cannot be achieved by any other method or process. Colorful graphics make for an extraordinary and attractive design feature to be displayed on the plastic products. This is especially applicable for food containers and bottles.


Fourthly, the IML Injection molding machine supports technology which results in lower costs of decoration as compared to any other pre-decorating process. It even enables in-case filling and capping of the products.

Next, with IML injection machine increased packaging line speeds can be achieved with ease. It even leads to reduction of in-house container inventory and lower container weight.


Talking about product appearance and durability, In-mold labeling machine enables better stain resistance, improved appearance and looks of the product, better sidewall strength and better squeeze resistance as well.

Also, not to forget, the best part about IML labeling is that the specifications about the product name, use instructions, safety directions, manufacturing and expiry date etc. can all be displayed prominently and retained for lifelong, on the product itself, thereby assisting in preserving its brand value throughout the life of the product.


Sino-PM is one of the leading professional manufacturers of plastic extrusion in-mould injection machine. The Sino-TB--In mould labeling system involves and enables labeling of PE, PP and other thermostatic containers. It also functions as anti-counterfeiting equipment which in turn is utilized for lubricating oil buckets, cosmetic bottles and so on. For all your labeling needs and for best quality IML labeling machines, Sino-PM stands as one of the best and most reliable choices across the globe. Based in China, the company has stood up to the expectations of its valued customers since its inception in 1992. What makes the company stand out from the rest of its competitors is its commitment to deliver the best products and services at the most competitive rates. So, if you are looking for In Mold Labeling Injection Molding Machine for your industry, then Sino-pm is the one stop destination for you. You can get on to their website for further queries and details. You can get deep knowledge about IML injection machine browsing through GOOGLE.


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