High Speed Plastic Injection Machines

Almost every thing that we use in our daily lives is made up of plastic or is associated with this malleable product in some way or the other. With the increasing dependence of the world on plastics, the modes of production of the same have also seen newer heights in the recent years. A breakthrough was seen in the field with the launch of latest technology plastic injection molding machines.


The high speed plastic injection machine has been designed to assist and help the accumulator inject and improve the performance by increasing the speed in multitudes. This is done especially by quickening the machine circle time, thereby increasing the efficiency of the machine so as to become apt and suitable to manufacture the ultra thin, complicated and precious plastic products with ease, hence promising utmost quality and durability of the same. 


The high speed plastic machine can be segregated into four major units, namely:


  • The high speed injection molding machine Clamping Unit- The clamping unit of the high speed machine has been designed with new generation toggle mold locking device and computer emulation optimized toggle parameter which enables fast and steady movements of the moving plate.
  • The high speed injection molding machine Hydraulic Unit- the Hydraulic system has been made with high efficiency, high precise proportional pressure and flow adjustment displacement pump system which are energy efficient as well. The output of this unit coincides and matches completely with the power needed for the operation of the entire machine, without having to install a high pressure throttle or loss of overflowing energy for its functioning.
  • The high speed injection molding machine Injection Unit- For ensuring steady injection movements, a short, forceful and effective double cylinder injection system is installed to the high speed plastic machine. A better plasticizing capacity and effect is achieved with the use of strain free fixed mold plate and screw assembly along with optimized design.
  • The high speed injection molding machine Control Unit- This has been designed in a manner so as to achieve high performance special control with clear, visual and easy operation.


Sino-PM CO., Ltd is known be the innovators of high speed plastic molding machines which enable high speed injection with low inertia and high response speed by adopting to high precision single cylinder injection system. The machines produced by Sino PM can reach a maximum injection speed of 300-450 mm/sec. They enable keeping the pressure on the right track, thereby adjusting and controlling the energy of the accumulator at the same time. As compared to the standard traditional machines, the high speed plastic machines manufactured by Sine PM can run faster by about 10% to 20 %. All these factors make Sino PM high speed plastic machines the ultimate choice in the industry. 


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