Injection Molding Machine- A Step Ahead in the Plastic World

The introduction of injection molding machine has brought about a revolution in the plastic industry. Currently it constitutes to approximately 32% of the total world plastics and accounts to be a multibillion dollar industry worldwide. What has resulted in its popularity is the injection molding process which is followed to manufacture and produce different kinds and grades of millions of consumer as well as industrial plastic products which are affordable, strong and long lasting too.


It is really very simple to construct and operate a plastic injection molding machine. There are six basic parts which the machine contains. They are:


  • The part into which the raw materials are inserted and pushed, called the hopper
  • The raw materials are carried to the heating unit using a barrel
  • The part which breaks down the raw materials into their liquid form, known as the heater
  • A nozzle which pumps the liquid material and leads it to the mold
  • A clamping unit which helps in solidifying the shape
  • An ejector which ultimately expels the finished product


Now let’s see how the entire production process takes place in order to produce a plastic infection molded product?


Firstly, liquid resin is poured into the hopper of the plastic injection molding machine, accompanied by dyes and tints of the desired color. The resin gets drawn into the barrel due to the gravitational pull and the heating process assists in melting the resin into a smooth liquid. Thereafter, a ram injector pushes the liquid into the mold as per the requirement. Here, the mold determines the shape of the finished product by cooling it off into a solid substance. The imperfections in the surface of the product can be easily rectified by adjusting the temperature level of the mold, the moisture as well as the pressure levels therein. However, there are hardly any complications recorded while operating plastic injection molding machine and if, in case, any difficulties arise therein, they can be easily sorted out and rectified.


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