The Answer to Long Lasting Labels on Plastic- IML Molding

Ever wondered how that piece of label is stuck on a bottle of Head & Shoulders that never seems to come off? On the plastic medicine bottle or on the plastic toys? The labels are not stuck to the bottle as in most products instead they are stuck along with the original plastic mold during the initial process. This creates a unique label or sticker that is not stuck with the bottle instead it becomes a part of the end product. Production of plastic materials mostly containers for several varieties of consumer items, plastic parts, etc. witnessed a sea change during the introduction of molding procedure and the injection molding machines. The revolution that was brought about by the injection molding procedure resulted in better and more symmetrical shapes and sizes of the plastic products without any defects. Plus the production could also be increased significantly making heavy production feasible without or minimum manufacturing defects. This resulted in increase in the quality of the products and another advantage that came up with it was the IML injection molding that was first used in the popular shampoo brand Head and Shoulder’s plastic packs. This unique product was made possible only through the use of In Mold labeling machine that used nearly the same method of molding to create the label.

In the concept of IML molding the required label is coated with a heat resistant material and then with a heat resistant ink, it is designed. The label is then coated on the mold using several methods like compressed air, heat or static electricity (that is often considered the best due to interaction at molecular levels). Mostly thermosetting or thermoplastics are used in the injection molding and labeling procedure due to the ease with which they can be shaped into desired shapes upon heating.


In Mold labeling is widely considered to be the best method for labeling as it is less expensive than spray painting and other conventional methods and is also more resistant. This method has been traditionally used mostly in plastic containers but it is nowadays being used more in the cell phone and laptop industry.  

Due to its widespread use and increasing demand, leading mold manufacturers like 5HMolding, etc. have capitalized on it to produce the best quality molds and in mold labeling industries. With an array of high precision In Mold Labeling machine, it may soon emerge as a major global player with its best quality products that are available at reasonable and sometimes, downright cheap rates. As the production is robotized there are minimum chances for manufacturing defects as the molds are first conceptualized in 3D diagrams and tested several times. It is also to the advantage of the consumer that the company has years of experience in this sectored and enjoys considerable influence and reputation in the molding industries and market.  


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