Plastic Injection Molding machine: Now a Growing Demand of Market

Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Plastic Injection Molding Machine

There is a marked increase in the demand for customized plastic goods in the market today. This demand has been fuelled mainly by the variety of plastic products that are flooding the market. Take any two soft drink manufacturers for example. Neither the shape of the bottle, nor label and not even the grooves on the cap will be found to be similar. This unique achievement has sparked off a ‘design war’ of some sort in which every participant want its own design that will be copied or resemble none. Soon this war or race spilled from corporate heads to the streets and now even common residents want their own customized private items or collectibles. The designs and their variety are also immense and so is the public imagination.


The greatest contributor to this demand for custom plastic goods has been the plastic injection molding machine and their manufacturers who cashed in on the growing demand. The Injection molding machine manufacturers devised the old method of mold making to produce plastic goods on a large scale. The molds are first fashioned according to the specifications given by the customers. Then the plastic is heated till it becomes molten and then an injection machine injects the molten plastic into the mold. The molds are then slowly cooled and with it the plastic also gets solidified and takes up the shape of the mold. More the number of molds, more will be the amount of readymade plastic products.

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